Cryptocurrency is starting to gain a reputation as a safe haven investment, much like gold and other metals. But that’s not the only reason investors should diversify their investment portfolio with bitcoin and altcoins(privi). The shock of the pandemic has prompted businesses to accelerate their digital infrastructure which includes tech-enabled and remote financial services. Virtual currencies have stepped in to fill that need. In fact, they’ve been ramping up to do so for quite some time and the pandemic has been the main accelerator. Banks are racing to roll out crypto-based services which include withdrawals, deposits, and payment transfers via digital wallets.

Furthermore, dominant payment gateways like PayPal have announced support for cryptocurrencies that can enable consumers to buy, hold, and sell with virtual assets. This can fuel greater adoption for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and its competitors which have proven to be a convenient and reliable solution to society’s evolving demands.

one of such great projects is PRIVI.

What is PRIVI?

The PRIVI Protocol is a revolutionary blockchain-based system utilizing state of-the-art technologies and intelligently blending them into a new ecosystem, in effect delivering new solutions to big problems that underlie Data Ownership and Decentralized Finance. It allow users to customize a social platform with already built financial tools that ease financial activities. It also create a new social hierarchy where communities can engage themselves; forming a human network and providing leverage for community members.

How It Works?


PRIVI Protocol is a multifaceted platform that touches various innovative ways of operation on the Blockchain. The more I learn about the project, the more convince I become about its viability.

PRIVI protocol will bring about DAO with customizable tools for each community. Each community will be able to mint their tokens and determines what goes on in the community.

Pods creation

Users will be able to create pods by collateralizing their physical and digital assets. By so doing, the pods could be marketed to the community, various individuals, family and friends as a means to generated needed fund and the Decentralized Insurance are available to take charge of insuring the assets for security purpose.

Data Privacy

he Back-end Application restores the Public ID key to the Application. PRIVI Protocol as a progressive arrangement

The PRIVI Protocol brings best in class advances and mixes them intelligently into another ecosystem which carries new answers for the issues recently presented.

The PRIVI Protocol depends on two center blockchain-based protocols;

Data Protocol is a blockchain framework that enables clients to share and adapt from their information. Basically, the Data Protocol is a repeating framework that continues enhancing time. The Data Protocol includes 6 center repeating stages:

Information is gathered,

Encoded and

Put away,

Investigated by AI calculations for understanding age that are at that point

Offered to promoters, for them to go to use to

Target and dispatch advertisement crusades.

Applications built on PRIVI Protocol will integrate data control features into their Privacy Settings; this will inform users of the full list of providers, advertisers and companies that are participating in the PRIVI ecosystem and it will be available for users to enable or disable data sharing. If a user wishes not to share personal data with any company or industry, it will be so as no company has access to user’s personal data without consents.

In that regard, users can decide the companies they wish to share personal data with. For instance, user can decide not to share data with any company as it could be used to influence market behavior. But in the case a user decides to share data with organization, company or industry, it gives the potential to gain from the sale of the data.

PRIVI Protocol is one of the few projects that have profound rewards embedded in it because it aims at providing solutions of certain specific problem. this project shall stand the test of time due to its solid foundation and a team of brilliant experts involved in the project. if you need more information about this tremendous project please visit the links below






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